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Why Tissue Culture?

Plant Performance

The ability of micropropagated plants to vastly outperform traditional cuttings can simultaneously decrease the risk of crop loss while bolstering production outputs. Healthy plants are capable of greater consistency, potency, and yields.

Space Utilization

Decreasing the need for mother plant space allows for an increase in flowering canopy.

Labour and Workflow

Eliminate labour-intensive cuttings operations, streamline workflow, and reap the rewards.

Risk Mitigation

House critical genetic lines in multiple sites to eliminate the risk of complete strain loss or breakdown.


Improving plant health, yields, potency and consistency is an ongoing battle. Let's win the war.

Pathogen Removal and Strain Storage

Bring vigor back to your your most important strains and ensure safe, off-site backup to protect from catastrophic loss events.

Large-Scale Micropropagation

Scalable production of healthy, disease-free plants to drive plant performance, space utilization, and financial results.

Elite Genetics

Access a constantly evolving, curated catalogue of exceptional genetics to meet the demands of the market.

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