Superior plants, delivered on time in a format to suit your needs

We work with your team to optimize both the format the plants come in, and the conditions the plants are acclimated in to ensure they integrate seamslessly into your existing operations.

Featured Genetics - PINEAPPLE

New in the nursery this month.

Pineapple provides stress relief and is known to leave consumers feeling uplifted and relaxed. This strain features intense tropical flavors with undertones of pineapple and diesel

Frequently asked Questions

Are your plants pathogen free ?

Yes. We have our stock pathogen-indexed by experienced third-party labs, including virus indexing if requested.

Do the plants come rooted and acclimated/hardened?

Yes. We go to great lengths to prepare our plants to seamlessly transition into your veg growth operations.

What size are the plants?

Although it varies from cultivar to cultivar, finished clones are typically 3″ – 8″ tall.

What format do the plants come in?

We can finish the plants in many different types of media (ex. soil, peat, coir, foam, rockwool), but by default the plants come in a 2.5″ plug of coco/foam in either a 72- or 78-cell tray. They are packaged in our ultra clean facility and delivered in a sealed container to ensure they arrive without any pest contamination from transport.

Where do you operate?

We operate in Washington state, with operations in California and Michigan shortly.

How long does it take to clean up my genetics?

Typically it takes 4-8 months from the time we receive plant material until we can provide some clean, finished plants back to the client. Highly challenging plants with extensive pest contamination and viral loads may take as much as 8-12 months.

How can I trust you to handle my genetics?

We take a genetic “fingerprint” of every plant we work on so that you can audit us and the market to ensure we handled your genetics with honesty and integrity.